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Yes, I fully admit that my last few journals have been on the "down" side, but that has been the way the lion's life has been going. But, something happened yesterday that was 100%, no qualifications, good news and a good event to happen to the white lion.

When I applied in mid-June to the apartment complex that we're now living at they were having a raffle drawing. You could place in one entry when you were there applying and then put in a second one if you were approved for residency. Obviously, we were approved, so on the day we signed the lease, June 24th, I put in the second one. I don't ever win anything so I honestly felt it a futile effort but it was painless and as it's said, "hope springs eternal".

Well, went to pay the rent yesterday on the first and the head lady comes out of her office with a little envelope in her hands. "I have some good news for you Henry, you won the raffle." You could have knocked me over with a feather! Not to mention picking my jaw off the floor. The prize is a $200 dollar Visa gift card.

A little aside, for what it's worth, the forms for the apply entries were on green paper, the new resident ones where on white. The one of mine that got drawn was the white one. Who cares really, I won, but I do say it to note if nothing else.

It is so needed. I went right out to spend most of it on groceries for all of us in our little family. Now, I won't deny that I had a momentary selfish thought enter my mind. I'd have so loved to have "blown it away" of something like a stuffie for me being it was "found" money. But being the white lion I am, I thought of the family's needs and knew, though I had every "right' to do with it what I wanted, that using it for all was "the right thing to do".

Dare I hope, dare I imagine, dare I pray that this MIGHT be the beginning of good things once again? I sure hope so. But if not, well, I'll most certainly accept one-time-only single good events too.

"Semper furry!"
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