mefurry (mefurry) wrote,

Who steals my purse steals trash;...But he that filches from me my good name...

Good name in man and woman, dear my lord,
Is the immediate jewel of their souls.
Who steals my purse steals trash; 'tis something, nothing;
'Twas mine, 'tis his, and has been slave to thousands;
But he that filches from me my good name
Robs me of that which not enriches him,
And makes me poor indeed.
Othello Act 3, scene 3, 155–161

Aah, the great bard himself, Shakespeare, who wrote those very words, had it exactly right! And, dear furiends, this white lion has been a victim of this very bad and heinous deed. It is relief that I can say to you now that my good name has finally been returned to me. But no celebrating can be had right now as both my anger and my sorrow is that great. For I was wronged and wronged to the extreme! To what, I would say that most would say, was as egregious a wrong as there ever could have been put upon me. When the information came yesterday that my fight to regain my name was ultimately successful, my initial reaction and response was pure “righteous anger”. I shook all over my entire body and I seethed with anger. Learning the how and why of it all took away all of the joy I might have had at my “victory”. I’ll fully admit it, in those first few minutes I was as if a attacked and cornered real lion, white or otherwise, who wanted only to wreak vengeance upon those who so viciously attacked him

I cannot share all the full details here, not right now at least. Perhaps at a future point in time, I might change my mind but most definitely not now. Please forgive me, if I any way offend you. I do not in any way mean to tease. But this experience has left me near totally devastated and I don’t want to go over it again. It is done, I hope. It is figuratively buried. In many ways, I hope it stays that way forever more.

It almost goes without saying but I must reiterate it even if there is some redundancy in it. But you are going along, minding your own business when you are literally blind-sided by such a thing. Sucker-punched if you will as another euphemism. This is what happened about two weeks ago. Those of you that know be directly and all others who only know me by my posts here do know that the white lion has been suffering much “foo” for all too long now. Excuse the old cliché, but “I needed this like I needed a hole in my head.” Being totally truthful, if it weren’t for two very close relationships I have, I very easily could have said “that’s it, I’m done” and left this mortal life. And, rest assured, the thought was there in my mind and never left! But my love and duty to those two that I love and care for so, kept me from ever actually doing the deed.

Now, it’s back to fighting the foo that I’ve been dealing with. Unfortunately I cannot rest and recuperate. To metaphorically lick my wounds as it were, as it seems that someone or something, perhaps even the Higher Power up in Heaven itself, has other ideas for my immediate future.

Was this something only unique to me? My particular situation yes, but no of course not, on the scenario itself. This falls into the category of “identity theft”. But please believe me that this surely must have been the apex of the expression in how it’s normally thought of and used.
Both partially joking yet being VERY serious at the same time, let me assure you, when my human life is done, hopefully and prayerfully ONLY by the natural cause of old age, I damn well ain’t comin’ back as a human for the next life. What EVER was I thinking when I chose to take this human life?

Lion in word, honor and deed, in heart and in spirit… in a human body, but always and forever a white lion!
I am “Me”
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