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Please excuse an old farty while lion's ramblings....

My use of the quotation a few posts back saying "don't look back, something may be gaining on you" might have been both inaccurate and also more than a bit of an actual understatement. For in the last few days I sorely feel it's not only gaining, it's getting ready to pounce! My birthday by luck of the calendar, happened to fall on Easter this year. Sad to report that neither holiday was good for the lion. Other than a home cooked, holiday-style meal, that was it for any celebrating either holiday on Sunday.

I'm still sick as I've been for about the last two weeks with bronchitis. Lovely... And, just so you know, went to local hosp ER last week because have no "spare" money and no personal doctor, with the only thing done by them, over close to five hours of waiting, was a chest X-ray that proved I didn't have pneumonia...well,whoop-dee-doo on that!

Got letter in mail from car insurer, Mercury insurance. They're ruling the accident I put in a claim for as my fault. Yes, my fault! I was heading north on I-5 in the central valley (way before I/we ever made our move out of California) before dawn, was totally dark and almost no lights at all along the rural freeway. To rest for a couple of moments I decide to go to the side of the road and temporally stop for a couple of minutes. I use my turn signal and go from the outside lane to the shoulder of the fwy. Its still paved, but not part of the main roadway. I'm slowing down as I do this so, entering the shoulder, I'd say I was down to about 30-35 miles an hour. I never saw it till I hit it! A huge, bigger than a 32-gallon trash can, dark colored rolled up truck tarp that flatbed trucks use. The force of the impact both knocked it into the dirt at the side of the road and it instantly did in my radiator in one fell swoop. It bust it and the coolant ran all over the ground. Again, until sunrise, I didn't even know what I had hit.

I did everything right, turn signals, slowed down, used caution. For all intents and purposes the tarp was like a deer that would have have run into the road. Would that have been my fault too? At least according to Mercury?

Now I get the pleasure of, round figures, $300 dollars added to my six-month premium. FOO! this in addition to what all I wrote in my April 14th post. Gaah! When will it end? Or doesn't it? As in a parody of the old classic rock radio line, "where the hits just keep on coming"...change that to "where the FOO just keeps on coming". And sadly, there's so much more foo going on here that I choose, at least for right now, not to share here. Lion's gettin' ready ta' give up..."I'm too old fa' dis." --"Me"
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