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Well, not the worst foo to get, but it’s still more foo in our seemingly never-ending trials and tribulations… It’s not a total surprise, our generous furiend who invited us to come and stay for a while to try and get on our feet again had spoken of it being a real possibility at some point. He’s going to put the house up for sale. And, when it does sell, he’s going to move in with someone he knows. We must go bye-bye at that point. Now, this is not any kind of “eviction”. As long as the status quo is the status quo, we’re all right. Honestly, with the economy the way that it is, who knows on “how long” it might take to sell it. Though, excuse my “negative thoughts”, but, knowing the way our luck has been, he’ll put it up for sale and “bam”, it will sell just like that. This was just spoken of the other day.

I made a quick look on and found many places in the area that rents from, round figures, $450-550 a month for a one-bedroom. Now, in comparison to So Cal prices, that's cheap with a capital “C”, but I’m only bringing in $696 a month. From that, deduct $175 for the storage space that hold "my previous life" and NOW, $181.80 for MI car insurance (if you reside here they require, they're a no-fault state) and that leaves me $339.50. Obviously, I can’t do it alone. By the way, my California insurance has been $103 a month. The MI insurance will cost me $181. My six month premium for California was almost $600. MI insurance is just short of $1,1000. Ow and foo!

This company that one roomie is working for is a nationwide company. They do inventories for stores. They were/are even in Southern California. Their local offices are actually very close to us here, just down (Or should that be up?) the main road, Cedar Street, about 8-9 miles to the north of us, but still below Lansing itself. But they go all over, meet at office, take long company van rides to get to stores moderately or very far away.

The other thing that Matt wants is to be able to have a real dog. So we’ll try to find a place that allows them. I love dogs, I love cats, I have no problem with this either. It isn’t going to be a move-in and immediately get dog scenario, but, if we can get and afford a “pet place”, them sometime in the future we can get a doggy. I don’t know how this will all work out, but I’m open to trying all possible avenues.

Our benefactor really feels bad about this and somewhat feels like he’s letting us down. But I do not think he is and I told him so. He said right from the start, that although he welcomed us with open arms, it couldn’t be a permanent living arrangement. He’s never misled us in any way shape or form. His internet radio station has drained him of both his money and his spirit. He’s put up “the good fight” but, using another old saying, “the writing’s on the wall”. He makes his living by writing, articles and things like that, not like me writing my novels for my own pleasure and for a few furiends that do follow it religiously. He has been still doing his writing while trying to attend to the station but it has suffered for that. And, for all the attention the station gets, it’s not helping him, it’s more hurting him instead. Being a drain on his finances and definitely draining his spirit as well; probably, as much or perhaps more, than the consumption of his money.

I think that the poor economy is a major part of his troubles. Stations make their money by selling advertising time. I saw there “rate card”, they’re giving great deals on spots if bought in a fairly large but not cumbersomely large quantity. I won’t say I’m the be-all or end-all of information and knowledge on this, but I did spend some seven-plus years of my life in radio back in the 1970's. I do have real and legitimate experience behind me. They’re doing it right, honest they are, but the economy, like with my character shows, is the killer of dreams here.

It looks like we will just stay here in the area, most likely somewhere in or about Lansing. I'm using as my research tool, by the way, it’s an E-Bat company, and could custom my search to price range and pet allowances. Got about seven different possibilities, that, at least at face value, without yet seeing, would seem to be doable.

One thing I've immediately noticed is that none can be considered large apartments. The general size in square footage is somewhere between 500-600 or so, “ballpark”. Not “closets”, but it looks like the apartment size that I had in Covina just isn’t to be had around here for a one bedroom. The rents are VERY reasonable, especially in comparison to the out-and-out insanity of So Cal rents, to be sure, but, given our finances, a one bedroom is the best we can do. Right now a two or a three is totally out of the question. Not even trying for those.

And, it turns out, to no surprise to yer lion at least, that having a pet incurs an additional monthly charge to your basic rent ($15-25, depending on places I’ve looked at.) and the addition of a pet deposit to in addition to your regular deposit; ‘tis livable foo, but foo nonetheless.

That be the bad part, now, at least one day of good....

Our benefactor furiend went to a small convention, FCN, this weekend just past. He left on Friday and came back Sunday, about one or so. It was an early summer-like day here, temperatures in the high seventies, NO LIE! All blue sky, not a cloud to be seen. (But thunderstorms were predicted for that night and they sure did come. I had to take other roomie who works to that office at about 4am and we drove in a downpour with lightning flashes coming every few seconds, whoot!)

Well anyway, because it was so nice, our furiend suggested and offered to pay for us to all go to the little zoo that’s there in Lansing, “The Potter Park Zoo”. He wrote a book about it several years ago. It’s small, a few acres; most definitely not anywhere close to a San Diego Zoo, but it’s very nice for what it is. They have a combination outdoor-indoor unit for “felines” so got to see a real lion, tiger and snow leopard up close. The indoor uses glass or Plexiglas so you can be right next to them.

The lion was initially resting right next to the glass and but for it, I could have just reached over and petted him. It was a male, with a nice mane. He was the typical tawny color, but his mane did have some dark in it near his face and under his chin. Where the mane continues on to the chest, it was a very dark brown. He did get up and oh-boy, if he would stand anthro, he definitely would have been seven feet tall, if not likely more. I did enjoy the whole zoo and all the animals, but naturally, my heart was for him. Honestly, I could have just plopped myself on a nearby beach that was there in from of him and never moved until the zoo’s closing time.

Also seen and “loved” were meerkats and ring-tailed lemurs…”King Julian” from Madagascar, lol. There were many members of both in different enclosures. Also saw two artic foxes in an outdoor enclosure. There was a little sign to say that one of the two had a permanent lip in one forepaw, but it was from an old injury that happened a long time ago. Our furiend said that many of the animals there are rescued and rehabilitated animals. They have two bald eagles, which I saw, that can’t fly because of injuries, but otherwise they are fine and healthy. Their enclosure had a grass ramp made that allowed them to walk up it to get up on a low tree branch.

We were there for about three hours, give or take, they were closing at six and we left a little before that. We were all a little surprised they were closing “so early”, as with the switch to daylight savings time it’s still light till 8pm now.

The middle-aged white lion returns you to your lives now. Furry hugs. --"Me"
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I'm here to give you my support that all i can do.
As I have said to you, you are a good and loyal furiend.
When I first started teaching, I was staying with a friend and like you knew that it was temporary because she was going to sell the house. I understood why she was going to but it did make it very difficult for me. In my case I was able to get a full time job shortly after she sold it so I was able to make ends meet. Otherwise I don't know what I would have done.

Glad you were able to go to the zoo and enjoy seeing the animals. I hope there is some really good news for you in the near future.

"Enough" with all the foo.
Thanks for posting, I like this blog!

Other than for the occasional "silly" posting, 'tis my life.