mefurry (mefurry) wrote,

A "New" computer...

It has been a long while that this white lion has either had or seen some good, but I finally got some a few days ago and I wanted to share the good news.

In a agreed-upon "deal" to repay me for monies outlaid over the last few months, I have received a "new", rebuilt Dell computer that was purchased on the internet. It has a Pentium four processor, 3 gigs, and I gig RAM. My old computer, received in 2006, was a HP computer that did the job, but it surely is a dinosaur now in comparison to this new one. The old one was a Intel "Celeron" processor of 700MHz , 64MB of RAM and a 20. GB hard drive.

It would play regular videos pretty well, but it never could correctly pay any HD videos. Right as soon as I start a video it would also start go out of sync. By the time a cut cut ended, the difference was actually adding up into minutes. Since all of the TV web sites were switched to HD, I lost the ability of catching up on any missed shows.

So, for that and it's overall speed I am a very happy lion right now. It will also help me write the story easier as well. Everything i did on the old computer was seemingly at a "snail's pace". That's so frustrating. I'd go to print something and it takes something like four minutes or so to "process" the request, the time from when I clicked the print button and the printer would actually kick in and do it's job.

I have spent this evening getting re-set up, transferring files and re-installing some apps. I did log in to both my yahoo E-mail and my Fur Affinity page and whoop-de-doo, it be a "speed demon"! YAY!!!!

Things are still a long way from perfect here in snowy...very snowy...Mason, Michigan (Just south of Lansing), but this is a little bit of good news that I wanted to share with you. The "foo" has been as deep, or deeper, than the snow here, so I truly appreciate and savior this little bit of good in my life.

Be extra alert as you walk down that SEEMINGLY quiet residential street, for there be a white lion hiding in da' white snow!

"Oh look, somebody made a snow lion...."


(It never gets old...) (Snicker)
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