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Overall, the con was great and the new hotel is certainly different and so large in comparison to the Doubletree. It's very nice and "swanky". I think this will be a "good home" for FC for years to come.

But the first issue/obstacle was on arrival. They, the hotel, required a $100 cash or credit card deposit (Would not accept debit cards or debit/visa types) per day you were staying. For us, that meant $600 for our six days. I have heard that there were cases where furs had no "extra" money to do this and had to turn around and go back home. Luckily, I had rent money set aside and temporally used that.

Another thing that was majorly disappointing was that the hotel refused the live animal people and their animals in. The two scheduled "shows" were canceled. It's something that the con has "every" year, so it couldn't have been a surprise to them. I don't know any details. I was waiting with others to attend the first of two shows/panels when a con staff lady came up to us to give us the bad news. She said they, the animal people and their animals were here but the hotel was refusing them entry.

Finally, for me and my furiends, we were shocked and appalled, even "offended", by the "Furr Happens" recorded skit at the FNL. After the funny and inspired parody of "Fur in the Box" previously done, why they chose this "mass murder/suicide" thing is beyond me. Yes, there are parodies of the original on "You Tube". But I cannot see ANY humor in the whole skit or idea. My and my furiends opinions are there are just SOME things that AREN'T funny. Suicide and 911 are two of those things My one furiend lost a dear furiend of his to suicide! Another furiend had a gun pointed at him is a suicidal persons attempt to do just that. This happened when he, my furiend, was eleven years old. Respectfully, who thought that this was funny? Who thought this was a good image for the fandom? Who gave the go-ahead? Didn't anybody take a second to stop and think what agony this could cause and how this "offends" people that have been DIRECTLY involved in suicidal situations?

Not to mention, think about the fandom's image. With all the CSI image issues that have been discussed over all the years since the "Fur and Loathing" episode was first aired, I'd think that furries who shoot each other would cause as much or hopefully MORE concern than "yiffing" furries of that episode.

To "Furr Happens", Think now on what you did and feel very ashamed and apologetic. You may not have meant to, but you've caused GREAT hurt and pain to some of your audience.

--Henry (aka "Me Furry")
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I'll never be able to afford to stay at this new hotel. I'm all but certain that last year's FC was my last-ever con.
Just "offering" a possible suggestion though. If you'd want to room with me and my furiends, it might "be possible" The room for the six days was just under a grand, but with the 5-split, it was about $180 for each furson. For one day short of a week's stay, not bad at all, as such. I do fully understand finances. I really shouldn't have spent the money period. But I knew my furry soul needed it so badly. Tight, loving, lion hugs to my deer furiend!
I could afford that D'OH!
Hugs...good "Homer" imitation!
A friend offered to let me stay in his suite for free, but I'd already lost $150 to the hotel for canceling my room reservation. I might still have been able to go if THS had paid me the $120 he owes me for plush he took from my house back in November, but of course he decided to skip FC this year, so that squashed that hope.

Anyway, if I can't make an advance hotel reservation, I can't make plans to go, period, and I am NEVER going to make an advance reservation again as long as they have that one-night room cancellation penalty. It just makes me sick to my stomach to think that FC flat-out STOLE $150 from me like that. To hell with that.
Well, don't be the one with the room, be the roomie. Just saying... I certainly understand your feelings here we all know the value of our limited funds. I could never afford to stay one night there by myself.

Regards what you touched upon otherwise, I may have a accidental part in that. Please IM or e mail me separately to discuss that. Here is not the place.
That cancellation fee is the hotel's policy, not FC's. They don't see a dime of the money. According to what MitRa said at the Hiss and Purr, next year the cancellation fee will only apply to cancellations made less than 72 hours before the date. The con is well aware of the problems and is working hard with the hotel to address all these issues.
Oh that really sounds like a mess.
When I and my two furiends made a "formal" comment on it at the "Hiss and Purr" on Monday Afternoon we were, in essence, "brushed off". I'm a big lion. If the majority sees nothing wrong, then so be it. But I at least put my two cents in. Ditto for my two furiends.
Hmmm... does not sound like a good decision! I missed FNL due to the fact that the group I was with was out dining for longer than expected!
Please, if I may ask you, to take a look at it and give your opinion. I'm not a prude, I'm not, but what did they think was ever funny about that? Just what I want to see at a furry con, furries killing other furries.....

Deleted comment

Please understand, I am not a prude. I can "appreciate" a off-color joke or even what you might call a politically incorrect one as well. But this was too real. There was no humor in it or about it. It was not played for laughs in any way, to my opinion. It was also VERY jarring, making a "double-whammy emotional effect. As that, at least for me, I was NEVER expecting what it was. After all these are "the guys" who did "Fur in A Box". Who'd ever guess we get this!?!
I think you're overreacting. Have you not scene the original SNL skit they were parodying? Or the "original" original scene from the OC that SNL was taking a jab at?

Anyway, if you're going to whip out the anecdata about your "furiends" (really, REALLY?), my father committed suicide and I still found the skit to be pretty funny. It's absurd, black humor. If you're familiar with SNL at all you should probably expect that.
In a way, I felt inspired by that suicide video. Granted, I'll never get around to making it. But, my thought was to create a far better presentation for the screen.

A kind of refreshed tribute to 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad......World.' Fur suiters sent on a mad chase across the US to go after a treasure chest. It would have to be done in segments, filling in spaces between every act and concluding with all stars appearing on stage to learn the 'reward' is reaching the con.

A far, far better comedy act then some stupid letter that has mystical fortune powers about strange acts of murder/suicide.