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Overall, the con was great and the new hotel is certainly different and so large in comparison to the Doubletree. It's very nice and "swanky". I think this will be a "good home" for FC for years to come.

But the first issue/obstacle was on arrival. They, the hotel, required a $100 cash or credit card deposit (Would not accept debit cards or debit/visa types) per day you were staying. For us, that meant $600 for our six days. I have heard that there were cases where furs had no "extra" money to do this and had to turn around and go back home. Luckily, I had rent money set aside and temporally used that.

Another thing that was majorly disappointing was that the hotel refused the live animal people and their animals in. The two scheduled "shows" were canceled. It's something that the con has "every" year, so it couldn't have been a surprise to them. I don't know any details. I was waiting with others to attend the first of two shows/panels when a con staff lady came up to us to give us the bad news. She said they, the animal people and their animals were here but the hotel was refusing them entry.

Finally, for me and my furiends, we were shocked and appalled, even "offended", by the "Furr Happens" recorded skit at the FNL. After the funny and inspired parody of "Fur in the Box" previously done, why they chose this "mass murder/suicide" thing is beyond me. Yes, there are parodies of the original on "You Tube". But I cannot see ANY humor in the whole skit or idea. My and my furiends opinions are there are just SOME things that AREN'T funny. Suicide and 911 are two of those things My one furiend lost a dear furiend of his to suicide! Another furiend had a gun pointed at him is a suicidal persons attempt to do just that. This happened when he, my furiend, was eleven years old. Respectfully, who thought that this was funny? Who thought this was a good image for the fandom? Who gave the go-ahead? Didn't anybody take a second to stop and think what agony this could cause and how this "offends" people that have been DIRECTLY involved in suicidal situations?

Not to mention, think about the fandom's image. With all the CSI image issues that have been discussed over all the years since the "Fur and Loathing" episode was first aired, I'd think that furries who shoot each other would cause as much or hopefully MORE concern than "yiffing" furries of that episode.

To "Furr Happens", Think now on what you did and feel very ashamed and apologetic. You may not have meant to, but you've caused GREAT hurt and pain to some of your audience.

--Henry (aka "Me Furry")
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