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I must HUMBLY ask for help again....

Still out of work since end of July. Been selling fursuits and even some of plush collection to get money. But can't always be assured of buyers with way things are for "everybody". I was hoping to get unemployment, but got the official letter in yesterday's mail that I'm refused. "Damn".
I am still able to do my character shows when they come, but that's the trouble, they have virtually died for the bad economy. If I get one, two, or three a month now I'm lucky. I'll certainly take them, but that's way too few to live on.
I applied for and did get food stamps and that helps some but can't pay the rent with those...sigh.
So, long story short, if you can and would be so kind to help, bless you. I am trying my best here, but "it's not enough", you know what I mean. Hugs. My Pay Pal account is my E-mail address Your kindness will not be forgotten, I promise you, thank you! --Henry
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This is the best time to find suit work as a waiver for Halloween shops if you can take the heat. Does not pay all that much but hey it is something to keep things going....I would go to every shop that you can find just in case they had not thought of it before.

Keep checking even if they have someone already. At my work the teenagers would often crap out really fast. We also let them were what they wanted from the shop if they wanted....leotard costumes were popular.

Hang in there hon....I will help when I can...
I have a job for you. It's fairly easy. Can be done in M$ Paint, if need be.

Description: For my American Manga project, I am seeking an alien language. The requirements are that each American letter (A through Z), number (0 through 9) and some ASCII characters ( The 'space bar', +, -, ;, :, 'comma', 'period', "", ', $, (, and ).) need some sort of art drawn representation to their identity.

Here's an example of my attempt at this...

A = (Kind of looked something like a Fortune Cookie.)
B = (Aligator head coming out of the water, I suppose.)
C = (Diving bird shape???)

...ect... (Just replace the capital letter in front of the .jpg to see other letter shapes, if you wish. I actually drew those on a Nintendo Duel Screen and took a photograph, one afternoon.)

The idea is that this language appear to be authentic in it's Egyptian-isk way. Now, each "character" must be unique from the other characters and it can't be a cheat, like the WingDings font or a direct representation of Chinese or some other real language.

Pretty easy work a PC, mouse and some paint program. Just let your imagination flow.

Pay: $50

Are you interested?
Hey Jup,

I actually think I can help you here. This is Matt/Tommi Tigre/Scatterpaws here. Henry showed me you were looking for someone to do this for you, and as it turned out I did ALOT of stuff in a font creator a ffew years back, and still have the font files. If you'd be willing to give Henry the $50, I'll be happy to send you the font files I have. They just have to be plased into your Windows/Fonts folder to be used.

I'll PayPal the funds right now.

Thank you.
And yes, pleas advise me of other "opportunities". I'm sadly in a position that anything that might help the "cause" would be so welcome....

P.S.--Ya' wanna buy a life-size reindeer plush? (Semi-kidding/semi-serious...)
What I have need of is a Ghost Writer.

See, what I am slowly doing is putting together an American Manga in hopes that, some day, it'll become a private business that can pay the bills and more.

The background story is indeed vast and in multiple parts. What I need are mini-episodes for the early portion of the story. I was pondering a twenty-five page minimum with pay of $50 per story using the core characters in their natural environment. More pages then that should earn an extra $2 per page. (But, I'm not made of money. Can afford what I can set aside.)

It's in the category of action/adventure/sci-fi with a little bit of romance as an optional add-in.

Now, here's the cool thing. The character is assigned a mission by The Council of Twelve. He has a powerful ship that can go anywhere. Which means that the scene setting is as open ended as can be. The set cast is minimal. And, he's usually given a mission to capture some rogue "character-of-the-week" that is on the run from the long arm of the Council's law. All the complexities of winding story plots occur much later down the road, freeing up these filler episodes to few restrictions.

Just be mindful that I am intending to use this, eventually, in a retail environment for sale's purposes.

As for the plush, I have serious space issues that forbid me from having anything large. Why, I once rescued a rather gigantic lion from a thrift store environment. He's now nearly hollowed out, just to fit on the shelf.
When you're able to, give me an "outline" and thumbnail on characters on any story you'd like and what your requirements might be. I b a pretty good writ'a, if I does says so myself..... (LOL)--Henry
Let's see...I'm awake enough at the moment to attempt this.

First...the star of the show...

- Name: Jameson (James) Ulysses Patrick:
- Species: Human/TriCylian hybrid.
- Sex: Male.
- Height: Six feet.
- Weight: One hundred, seventy pounds. Slim in appearance.
- Skin color: White.
- Eyes: Hazelnut.
- Usual clothes: Usually seen in a kind of TriCylian style captains uniform. Or, at times, in the ceremonial mediator dress. Though, being a shape shifter, he can look about anything that he wishes to give the appearance of.
- Distinguishing features: Nothing noteworthy.
- Armament of choice: Flame Knives. (A pair of short handled weapons that tend to hide their abilities, until put into use. Known modes include a short blade that is made of a kind of sharp force field, licking with a hot flame and a long staff version of the knife. (Extremely limited life span in this mode.) Has the capacity to link two handles, butt to butt, for use as a super staff. Flame ball launcher mode and user recognition that can deny unauthorized users from extending the blade and can electrocute unauthorized users on command.)
- Has also been known to carry:
+ A Flea Bag. (A kind of TriCylian's storage bag. It defies the laws of physics by being able to grow and shrink to insane sizes, while having the interior space of an average living room inside any ordinary house. And, if that wasn't enough, there's a worm hole inside that can connect to other locations. Though, how to control it was never completely understood.)
+ An E-Rope. (A device that projects a narrow beam, using energy to form a type of rope that can be extended or recalled at variable speeds. Useful for scaling or repelling from great heights.)
+ A self filling beer mug. (Gift from the avatar of the Drone Yenian after rejoining the fleet. Not a very useful item. But, has shown up in several scenes to avoid sampling some local liquids.)
- Skills:
+ Some hand-to-hand combat capacity. (Not the greatest of fighters. His strength lays more with his capacity to add density to his strikes and to liquify against blows, given enough warning.)
+ Hand laser. (Via use of his TriCylian gifts, he can alter his hand into a magnifying lense and provide a small solar fire behind it. The concentrated light is refracted to a narrow width with capacity to burn objects within a short range.)
+ Temperature variance/tollerance. (Another TriCylian gift, developed from their centuries of war refinement. He can blaze like a star in the coldness of space or become an iceberg in the middle of the hottest desert. The drawback is that his body can only retain so much energy and each degree maintained beyond "room temperature" exhausts more of his life source. Once he expends his life source, his body would deteriorate at a hyper rate until every last cell of synthe-water evaporated and he would die. Usually, an internal sense of exhaustion would kick in to save him from this form of death, even if it happens to be at the worst time to do so.)
Upgraded Skills:
+ Shape shifter. (His synthe-water design is the by-product of centuries of scientific development from his race. In their goal of producing the perfect warrior, they had altered their naturally occurring liquid bodies into an artificial, rapid reproducing compound. It could not only multiply upon demand in seconds to create a dense body, but could also expand outwards to turn a ten foot TriCylian into a hundred foot the cost of maintaining such mass. He can go from a form so solid that it looks exactly like a fleshy life form to a liquid (Kind of like a puddle of water that takes the form of a humanoid. GE was very generous in creating an advertisement that shows perfectly what a natural TriCylian might have looked like. ( - )) version that can stand up, walk and be as penetrable as a lake to a total gaseous version that relies on the wind for movement...or previous locomotion.) TriCylian abilities allow for a complete metamorphosis into any shape or form he wishes.
- Appearance in badge:
+ On policing missions, he'll often morph a set of clothes that reflect what the natives are observed to be wearing, if clothes are even a requirement, that is. His goal is to blend in as well as he can. This may also include mimicing body features/size/color/etc. His gear may be fastened to a synthesized belt around his waist.
+ On official missions as a member of his fleet, (Or aboard ship) he is often seen in the traditional TriCylian encounter dress, which is a kind of light colored shirt with a button down flap that folds over to rest upon the chest. Various decorations in the form of awards can be found over the left chest regions. All are colorful and iconic without being too clear as to what they symbolize. Upon the flowing corners of both shirt arms can be seen the Ragnarok emblem of twin, hollow diamonds that overlap behind a three dimensional saucer shape. Upon the saucer's upper surface is written 'TriCylious Ragnarok' wrapping around it's curved surface. It also has mild fluffiness about several ruffles that climb up the from the shoulder edge to the neck.
- Weaknesses: Darkness. (His primary source of energy collecting is through photosynthesis. By standing in starlight, (or sunlight) he is able to replenish his internal life force. (or energy) This source is how he is able to change, alter his mass, even maintain his form and very existence. By cutting him off from all light sources, he can only rely on the energy that his body stores. Excessive use of shifting while in darkness is draining and dangerous. He could effectively be reduced to a beaker captive by being forced to exhaust his internal energy to the point where he couldn't even maintain a humanoid form and stuff the remaining puddle of synthe-water into a test tube. Then, keep it exposed to a 5 watt bulb. Barely alive and totally helpless. A situation he must avoid at all costs. As an alternative form of energy collection, he can create internal organs and digest food, albeit for a far less effective form of energy consumption. Also, being aboard his ship is the easiest way for him to recover energy, despite being away from view of starlight.)
- Strength: Light. (The more energy he can collect and replenish from, the stronger he can be in both strength and shifting capacity. Legend has it on record that even a select few TriCylians could multiply so much mass in direct starlight that they could blimp up to the size of a small moon, orbiting a planet. Such a feat was only recorded on several occasions, documented as having been witnessed in the ship's historical library.)
- Purpose: To obey the commands given to him by The Council of Twelve. (The origins of The Council are deeply rooted to the earliest of days of life, itself. Records state that one representitive from twelve planetary nations were formed in order to keep a binding peace between their peoples. However, the Council that Jameson reports to is an ancient and rather twisted version of that original notion. He enters a chamber that appears to be absolutely primitive. Flame torches upon the stone walls. The atmosphere is cold as a tomb. Twelve stationary figures, draped in dark, dusty robes are seated at a long, stone table. Every body feature is cloaked and their hoods hang well over their faces. Jameson notes on multiple occasions how none ever seem to move. Yet, it is forbidden to ever come in contact with any of them. And, when they speak, their voices boom from all points in the room, as if the forms aren't the ones doing the speaking. (Eventually, outraged by an order that lead to a tragic mission, Jameson will approach, under threat, one of the forms and pull upon the hood. He will find a long dead skeleton underneath. This will reveal apart of The Council's dark secrets and help confirm a few growing suspicions of his. This tomb never housed any life to being with.)

There may be a few other details that I'm forgetting about. It's a bit late and I've got more details to enter. I also see reply lengths are monitored by the LJ software.

Deleted comment

Reindeer did....
I, lion, did not...
"Oh, the pain...the pain....."

Deleted comment


Guilty, as charged. He not only had the bed, but owned it for over six months. The decision was hard to do. But, the bed had to be taken. I was tired of 'another night in the recliner'. Besides, he was robbing all the others of a home, as well.

I made the tough decision. And, avoided an even tougher one; the trash can, in hopes of, one day, regaining his former glory with not the original rotted out foam, but soft, polyfibre/cotton fill.

Yes. I did wrong. But, it was an act of tough love to avoid total abandonment. I back my decision.
It's tough out there. I, too, am struggling. The face painting buisiness has gotten ridiculously slow. I feel for you and just wanted to tell you that you're not alone and I pray that better days come your way.