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I must HUMBLY ask for help again....

Still out of work since end of July. Been selling fursuits and even some of plush collection to get money. But can't always be assured of buyers with way things are for "everybody". I was hoping to get unemployment, but got the official letter in yesterday's mail that I'm refused. "Damn".
I am still able to do my character shows when they come, but that's the trouble, they have virtually died for the bad economy. If I get one, two, or three a month now I'm lucky. I'll certainly take them, but that's way too few to live on.
I applied for and did get food stamps and that helps some but can't pay the rent with those...sigh.
So, long story short, if you can and would be so kind to help, bless you. I am trying my best here, but "it's not enough", you know what I mean. Hugs. My Pay Pal account is my E-mail address Your kindness will not be forgotten, I promise you, thank you! --Henry
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